Exemptions from the PRES - Category 4 applicants from the General Division

Category 1, 2 & 3 applicants are exempt from the PRES on the basis that their basic medical qualifications are recognised under EU legislation.

Category 4 applicants for registration in the General Division may be exempt from the PRES if they have been awarded a certificate of experience or equivalent

Category 4 applicants who believe they may be exempt from the PRES should read the below information carefully. The application fee of €390 will be taken before any assessment of the application is undertaken. This fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

For further information regarding Certificates of Experience or equivalent, please click here

NOTE:  An initial review of applications will be undertaken and any application where intern rotations do not meet the minimum standard set by the Medical Council will not be considered eligible for exemption, however we will consider the application for admittance to the PRES.  Please take care in ensuring you meet at least this standard before submitting an application.  Further note this is only part of the process for recognising a certificate of experience and does not indicate all standards of internship equivalence have been met.