Pre-Registration Examination System (PRES)

All applicants for Registration will be required to undergo a Level 1 assessment and verification of their documentation. Eligible medical practitioners will then be either required to sit or be exempted from PRES Levels 2 and 3 known as the PRES.

PRES consists of two parts. PRES Level 2 is a computer based examination and is currently in the form of a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) examination. PRES Level 3 is an assessment of doctor's clinical skills.

PRES Level 2

Only candidates who have been declared eligible to sit the PRES (after having completed the Level 1 assessment) are eligible to apply for PRES Level 2. They will receive a Letter of Authorisation and Admission Card from the Medical Council. This will give details as to where and how to apply for PRES Level 2.  They should then contact the testing company as specified in the letter by telephone or go on their website for available dates.  Please do not attempt to contact the testing company/test centre/registration centre directly before then as they will NOT be able to advise procedures/dates/venues etc.

PRES Level 3

PRES Level 3 is the third part of the PRES examination. Candidates must pass PRES Level 2 before being permitted to sit PRES Level 3.

The Medical Council endeavours to give as much notice as possible prior to the date of the PRES Level 3. The PRES Level 3 is usually held two to three times per year depending on demand.

Withdrawing from a place in the Level 3

The PRES Level 3 Withdrawal form must be completed by candidates if they wish to withdraw their place from the PRES Level 3. The Withdrawal form will be available here once date(s) for the next PRES Level 3 are announced.

Additional Information