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Accreditation Assessor Panel

In all accreditation activity, the main purpose of the assessment is for the Medical Council to determine if there is compliance with the standards which have been set down by Council. Assessors play a central role in this crucial activity.

Teams normally comprise a combination of medically qualified members of the Medical Council; non-medical members of the Medical Council; and external assessors. The external assessors have expertise in medical education and/or training and/or quality assurance, or represent the public interest. At least one assessor will normally be from outside the jurisdiction. Each Team has a Chairperson, normally a member of the Medical Council.

To be appointed, assessors must demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Awareness and comprehension - Knowledge and understanding of healthcare systems and/or healthcare education in Ireland or in another jurisdiction; knowledge and understanding of regulation and quality assurance in Ireland or in another jurisdiction; knowledge and understanding of third-level education in Ireland or in another jurisdiction
  • Analytical skills - Effective information-handling, understanding and absorbing complex information, making decisions based on evidence and logic, on the basis of Council standards
  • Professionalism - Adhering to high personal ethical standards, prioritising patient safety, maintaining confidentiality, impartiality and objectivity, being enthusiastic, motivated and committed
  • Interpersonal and communication skills - Team-working and collaborating, working constructively and respecting the views and contribution of others, interacting effectively with stakeholders and consumers, communicating effectively and courteously
  • Chairing ability (if an assessor wishes to be considered to chair an accreditation team) - Team leadership qualities and chairing experience: Candidates for the position of Chair must have previous experience in Medical Council accreditation (i.e. they must have been a member of Medical Council Accreditation Teams prior to chairing an accreditation).

The assessor panel is composed of the following members:

Dr David BaileyDr Andrew GillilandDr Simon Newell
Professor David Barlow Dr Allys GuerandelMs Brid Nolan
Ms Mairead BoohanDr Bairbre GoldenCarmel Noonan
Ms Katharine BulbuliaDr Annemarie Harris Fiona O'Sullivan
Ms Anne CarrigyDr John HarrisonProf Mike Pringle
Professor Peter CantillonMr Colin James HolburnProfessor Wendy Reid
Emeritus Professor Ian CampbellDr Josanne HollowayProfessor Colin Robertson
Ms Angela CarragherProfessor Alan JohnsonDr Michael Ryan
Mr Declan CareyMr Hisham Saleh KhalilProfessor Davinder Paul Singh Sandhu
Dr Anna ClarkeDr Kevin KelleherDr Peter Selby
Ms Griselda CooperDr John KeaneyProfessor Hans Sjöström
Professor Anthony CunninghamDr Graham LamontDr David Snashall
Dr Stephen DaviesDr Jason LastDr Keith Steele
Dr Audrey DillonProfessor Sam LeinsterDr Martin Tohill
Dr Elizabeth Jane DonovanDr Barry LewisDr Hemal Thakore
Dr Suzanne DonnellyProfessor John Joseph JohnsonMrs Mary Desmond Vasseghi
Dr Joe DuignanDr Brendan MasonProfessor Tony Weetman
Professor Paul FinucaneDr Sinead Murphy Professor George G Youngson

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