Doctors who graduate from non EU/EEA countries or Switzerland may be required to sit one of the Medical Council's examinations unless exempt.

Doctors intending to pursue registration in the General or Trainee Specialist Division may be required to sit the Pre-Registration Examination System (PRES).  The PRES examinations are primarily a test of knowledge and clinical skills in the main clinical disciplines of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery, and Medicine/General Practice.

It is based on the Eight Domains of Good Professional Practice as devised by Medical Council.

Pre-Registration Examination System (PRES)

All applicants for Registration will be required to undergo a Level 1 assessment and verification of their documentation. Eligible medical practitioners will then be either required to sit or be exempted from PRES Levels 2 and 3 known as the PRES.

PRES consists of two parts. PRES Level 2 is a computer based examination and is currently in the form of a Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) examination. PRES Level 3 is an assessment of doctor's clinical skills.

Further information regarding the PRES Level 2 and 3 can be found in the PRES Handbook.

Supervised Division 

Doctors intending to pursue registration in the Supervised Division will be required to complete the Examination for the Supervised Division,  these doctors must have been offered a position with the Health Service Executive (HSE), in a post which has been approved as an individually numbered identifiable post

Updating Personal Details

If any personal details (e.g. address, passport number, passport expiry date) change while a candidate is eligible to take the PRES, the candidate should notify the Medical Council as soon as possible by emailing pres@mcirl.ie.

Additional Information