Election Candidates

Voting is now closed for nominees to the Medical Council. The list of elected nominees to the Medical Council can be found here.

Specialist Division - Anaesthesia

Dr Suzanne Crowe (Registration Number: 19051)
Professor Ellen O’Sullivan (Registration Number: 17468)
Dr Eleanor O’Leary (Registration Number :778)

Specialist Division - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Mary Catherine Therese Doyle (Registration Number: 4345)
Dr Aoife Mullally (Registration Number: 23115)

Specialist Division - pathology or radiology

Dr Thomas Crotty (Registration Number: 009645)

Specialist Division - Public Health Medicine

Dr Anthony Breslin (Registration Number: 11124)
Dr Paul Quigley (Registration Number: 2191)

One medical practitioner, not being a consultant, practising medicine in a hospital

Dr Erica Maguire (Registration Number: 411015)
Dr Michael Ita (Registration Number: 407576)
Dr Tashfeen Siddiq Ali (Registration Number: 402150)
Dr Eamon Francis (Registration Number: 371688)

One registered medical practitioner, not falling within any of the other categories

Dr Roy Mark Browne (Registration Number: 12635)
Dr Dawar Mahmood Siddiqi (Registration Number: 18116)
Dr Sohail Rasool (Registration Number: 16781)
Dr Shane O’Hanlon (Registration Number: 188795)
Dr Sumi Dunne (Registration Number: 23439)
Dr Malachy Gerard Coleman (Registration Number: 3464)
Dr Marcus De Brun (Registration Number: 128888)
Dr Cormac Duff (Registration Number: 417089)
Dr Eleanor Mary Corcoran (Registration Number: 3617)