Election to the Medical Council

The election process for the six Registered Medical Practitioners for appointment to the Medical Council under the Medical Council (Election of Registered Medical Practitioners) Regulations, 2013 was completed on Wednesday 27th March 2013

The results of the online ballot are as follows:

Specialist Division - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Dr Colm O'Herlihy (Registration Number: 008024)

Specialist Division -  Pathology or Radiology

Dr Sean Curran (Registration Number: 020160)

Specialist Division - Public Health Medicine

Dr Anthony Breslin (Registration Number: 011124)

One medical practitioner, not being a consultant, practising medicine in a hospital

Dr Audrey Anne Dillon (Registration Number: 266822)

One registered medical practitioner, not falling within any of the other categories

Dr Ruairi Hanley (Registration Number: 023858)

Specialist Division - Anaesthesia

As there was only one duly nominated candidate falling within paragraph (b) of section 17(8) of the Act,

Dr Bairbre Anne Golden (Registration Number: 016312)


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