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Quality Assurance

The Medical Council ensures that a high standard of medical education and training is available in Ireland. Our accreditation activities for Intern medical education and training can be broken down into the following stages.

  • For the purposes of intern site inspections, the training site is asked to provide a written submission to us, providing confirmation and evidence that our intern standards (PDF, 313KB) and guidelines (PDF, 400KB) are being met. We also request additional information from the site including; trainee numbers, number of admissions and details of other allied health professionals.
  • We then form an inspection team, which is typically made up of Council members, and experts in medical education and training from within, and outside of Ireland. The team receive a copy of the written submission, noting any areas of concern, or areas which may require further clarifications.
  • The inspection team then visits the training site and meets with site representatives to discuss the submission and to confirm that our standards are being met. The team also meets with the interns on site. The views of these interns on their training experience and of the site form a crucial element of the accreditation process.
  • Following inspection, a recommendation will be made to Council that the site should be approved, or otherwise.

In all cases, training sites will receive feedback from Council to explain the outcome of the inspection. Sites will often be provided with a series of recommendations (and commendations as appropriate). Through an annual return process, sites will be asked to confirm that the necessary actions have taken place in order to satisfy these recommendations. The annual return process, which is a monitoring arrangement, also allows the Council to keep up to date on significant developments at training sites which may require further assessment and evaluation.

Additional Information