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Review of Recognition Process

Included in the Medical Council’s Statement of Strategy 2014-2018 is a commitment to review the current process by which aspirant medical specialities are evaluated. As of March 2015, the Council agreed that no new applications for specialty recognition should be considered until the review has taken place. It is anticipated that the process review will take place in 2016.

The review will provide an opportunity to ensure that the recognition process continues to meet the needs of the health system, incorporates best practice in the area, and reflects Council's priorities in the areas of education, training and lifelong learning.

Please note any aspirant specialties which have already commenced the recognition process will continue to be evaluated against Council’s current criteria and accompanying process.

Specialty Recognition Process

The Medical Council’s primary statutory responsibility, under the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 (MPA), is to protect the interests of the public.  As part of this role, it sets standards for undergraduate and postgraduate education and training and monitors compliance with those standards.  Its remit includes responsibility for determining, with the consent of the Minister for Health, the medical specialties that it recognises under the MPA.  It should be noted that the medical specialities recognised shall include such medical specialties as may be designated as applying to the State in any Directive adopted by the Council of the European Communities relating to specialised medicine.

The criteria and process by which the Medical Council considers applications for specialty recognition can be found here.

The process includes placing the relevant application documents on the Medical Council’s website so that interested parties can contribute their views. These views will be taken into consideration by Council.