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Is the survey confidential?

We want you to feel free to say what’s on your mind and we assure you that your feedback is absolutely confidential. We will only publish and share aggregated and anonymised results which are not attributable to any individual trainee. The Medical Council is the independent quality assurance body for medical education and training in Ireland. We would never share identifiable information provided by you with your employer, your trainer or with your training body without your full consent to do so.

Am I eligible to take part in the survey?

If you are registered with the Medical Council as an Intern or on the Trainee Specialist Division of the Council’s register then you are eligible to take part in the survey. If you are eligible to take part and have not received an invitation to participate, email us at and we can confirm your eligibility.

Do I have to take part in this survey?

Participation is voluntary. However, we would be grateful if as many trainees as possible participated in the survey. As we intend to use survey results to inform change a high response rate will make sure our results are representative of what all trainees think.

Why are NCHDs not in official training programmes not eligible to take part?

The Medical Council has a duty to look at the quality of officially recognised training programmes and sites. This is where we also have powers to take action. We do not have a specific role or powers to address the training experience of doctors who are pursuing experience outside recognised training posts and programmes, so they are not included in this particular survey. We hope all doctors avail of opportunities to participate in upcoming research from the Medical Council.