What happens if a complaint is made about me?

Anyone can make a complaint to the Medical Council about a doctor. This includes members of the public, employers and other healthcare professionals. The Medical Council can only take action where complaints are of a serious nature, giving rise to concerns over a doctors fitness to practise.

If a complaint is made about you, the Medical Council will provide you with a copy of the complaint and you will be given the opportunity to respond. Most complaints are dealt with outside a Fitness to Practise Inquiry and are resolved in the first stage of the complaint process. 

The Complaints Procedure

All complaints are initially handled by the Preliminary Proceedings Committee (PPC). It is the role of the PPC to investigate, decide whether the complaint warrants further action and provide recommendations to the Medical Council.

Step 1 - Investigation

Step 2 - Inquiry Hearing (FTPC) 

or the PPC finds that:

  • No further action is necessary 
  • Complaint needs to be referred to another body or authority 
  • Doctor should be referred to the performance procedures and activities
  • Mediation if deemed appropriate could resolve the complaint and restore the doctor/patient relationship. 

Please note : Council approves each decision made during the complaints process.

If a complaint is made about you, it can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months from the date of receipt of the complaint for the PPC to make a decision in relation to the complaint. However depending on the complexity of the complaint, on some occasions it can take longer than the time period specified.

Complaints Procedure at a Glance

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