Certificates of Experience or Equivalent

Doctors who completed their internship in Ireland

The Certificate of Experience is a document which confirms that a doctor has successfully completed their internship to the standards set by the Medical Council. It is the responsibility of the Irish Medical Council to issue certificates of experience to medical practitioners who have successfully completed a period of internship in Ireland.

To request a certificate of experience please compete this online Certificate of Experience Request Form.

Please note that there is a fee of €50.00 payable for each certificate of experience requested.

If you would like to request more than one Certificate of Experience please complete this Certificate of Experience Request Form.pdf. Please download and complete the form and email coe@mcirl.ie or send to Certificate of Experience, Medical Council, Kingram House, Kingram Place, Dublin 2. The fee can be paid by credit/ laser card by filling out the second page of this form.

Doctors who have completed their internship overseas

There are a number of overseas internships which are recognised by the Medical Council as equivalent to an Irish internship and the doctor is, therefore, deemed to have been granted the equivalent of an Irish Certificate of Experience.

Overseas Internships recognised as equivalent;

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa – internship must have commenced from 1st July 2006 onwards
  • Pakistan – internship must have commenced from 1st January 2009 onwards and the rotations meet the standards of an Irish internship.

Doctors whose overseas internships are recognised as equivalent to an Irish internship are exempt from the PRES if applying for General registration. However, applicants for Trainee Specialist must pass or be exempt from the PRES AND have been granted the equivalent of an Irish Certificate of Experience.


The process of recognising certificates of experience or equivalent, has proven to be a lengthy one and Council is aware that it may take a considerable length of time before a decision regarding the equivalency of internships undertaken in countries other than those listed above, can be made. Council has, therefore, decided not to consider applications for registration via the equivalency of internship route unless a decision to recognise the internship as equivalent has already been made.

In summary – if your internship was not undertaken in one of the countries listed above you cannot submit an application for registration at this time for an exemption from the PRES on the basis of your internship.