Speaker Information

Dr Tony Holohan

Dr Tony Holohan was appointed as Chief Medical Officer in December 2008. His responsibilities include policy on a diverse range of medical and public health matters including patient safety, quality in health care, public health, reproductive health and social inclusion. He provides expert medical and public health evidence, analysis and advice to the Minister and to the Department.

Dr Holohan qualified from UCD in 1991 and trained initially in General Practice and subsequently in public health medicine. He was appointed as Deputy Chief Medical Officer at the Department of Health and Children in 2001.

Dr Alison Reid

Since January 2011, Alison has been the International Team Leader and Chief Operating Officer of the National Health Regulatory Authority in the Gulf country of Bahrain. Prior to this appointment, she was Medical Director of the Medical Council of New South Wales in Australia where she was involved in all aspects of the Council's work. Among many other responsibilities, Alison introduced Performance Assessment to Australia in 2001. She was also a significant contributor to the introduction of a national, multi-professional registration scheme in Australia in 2010.

Alison is medical graduate of the University of Tasmania. She also holds a Masters Degree in Health Administration from the University of New South Wales and is a Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine and the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.

Alison has previously held positions as the Chief Executive of the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong where she was also Associate Professor of Community Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and before this, she was Director of Statewide Health Services and Director of Public Health in Tasmania, Australia.

Professor Alastair D Scotland

Professor Alastair Scotland is Director and Medical Director of the National Clinical Assessment Service, having been Chief Executive and Medical Director of the National Clinical Assessment Authority from its creation in April 2001. Following training in surgery, he entered public health, working since then at local, regional and national level.

Professor Scotland's particular focus has been on hospital and community services, and on medical education, training, staffing and professional performance. He has been involved with a number of the key national initiatives in these fields and has lectured and published widely.