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Medical Council to host consultative forum on competence assurance structures

'Performance and Remediation in Practice....supporting doctors, protecting patients'

Venue: Croke Park, Dublin 3

The Medical Council is hosting a consultative forum on Competence Assurance Structures on 31st March 2006. With a new Medical Practitioners Act anticipated in the near future, the conference will facilitate discussion on clinical performance and the difficulties that are faced by practitioners throughout the world. It is important to focus not on difficulties alone but on issues such as the support and remediation of under-performers, and time will be given to this at the conference.
Speakers from New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland will be attending the conference and the factors leading to poor performance, how these doctors are identified and the measures needed to support doctors in returning to safe practice will be explored. Input from those attending will be valuable to the discussion.

If you would like to register for this conference or receive further information please contact Ms Ciara McMorrow, CAS Project Co-ordinator at or telephone 01 4983137.