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December 2010

Medical Council Approves New Registration Rules
The annual retention process
Professional competence and retired registered medical practitioners

November 2010

Medical Council Health Sub-Committee Supporting Twenty-One Doctors
Opening of application for recognition of bodies to assist the Medical Council with its duties under Part 11

October 2010

Medical Council Professional Competence Rules Public Consultation Launched
Clarification of Guidance
Eight Domains of Good Professional Practice -as devised by the Medical Council

September 2010

Medical Council Launches 2009 Annual Report and Statement of Strategy for Next Three Years
Medical Council produces first online videocast
Approval of Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Graduate Entry Programme following accreditation visit 2010.pdf

August 2010

Public Consultation on new Registration Rules
Latest update on Professional Competence
Public Consultation on new Registration Rules
Medical Council Registration Rules to Be Revised - Public Consultation Launched

July 2010

Medical Council appoints new Chief Executive
The case for change: maintaining competence, maintaining trust
Maintaining professional competence: making it happen

June 2010

Medical Council Conducts Stakeholder Consultation Process on Medical Education and Training Rules

May 2010

President's speech welcoming Part 11 of the Medical Practitioners Act, 2007
Minister for Health & Children launches Part 11 of Medical Practitioners Act, 2007

April 2010

Recruitment - Chief Executive Officer - CLOSED
Commencement of Part 11 of Medical Practitioners Act, 2007
Overview of the Education & Training Section
Medical Council goes live on new Doctor registration System
Redesigned Medical Council website

March 2010

Public Consultation on amended Rules Specifying Pre-Registration Examinations and Exemptions for the Purposes of Establishing Eligibility for Trainee Specialist Registration and/or General Registration
Public Consultation on Draft Rules made pursuant to the provisions under sections 11, 88 and 89 of the Medical Practitioners Act 2007 ("the Act").

January 2010

Notice for all medical practitioners wishing to commence training posts on 1st January 2010

Fitness to Practice

Fitness to Practice Notifications 2010

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