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Clinical audit video guides

From May 2011, all doctors are legally obliged to maintain their professional competence. In addition to completing at least 50 hours of continuing professional development activity per year, each doctor is expected to complete one clinical audit per year.

Clinical Audit can be defined as the "systematic review and evaluation of current practice with reference to research based standards to improve patient care." The setting of standards, measurement of practice compared to 'gold standard', identification of deficiencies and addressing deficiencies (closing the loop) is an accepted model of clinical audit. The basic component of a Clinical Audit relates to part of a doctors practice that can be reviewed or audited to make sure what should be done is being done and if not, provides the framework for any improvements to be made.

The Medical Council has produced a number of videos relating to the topic of clinical audit following an interactive workshop on the subject of clinical audit provided by experts in this area, Dr Ian Callanan and Dr Niamh Macey, who provide practical advice in response to frequently asked questions from doctors.

These videos are available to view here.