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A Charter of Expectation, feedback welcome

As part of our continuing focus on delivering organisational improvements, we are currently reviewing our registration services and how these can become more user friendly.

In order to enhance our registration functions, a draft document “A Charter of Expectations” has been prepared to set out for all doctors, who are either seeking registration for the first time or retaining their registration, what they can expect through the process and what is required of them. Feedback from doctors is vital in improving our registration procedures, and we are seeking feedback from doctors on this Charter before it is finalised.

This Charter is seeking to make it clearer how the Medical Council will operate when registering all doctors, while at the same time setting out some reciprocal expectations to ensure the process is as efficient as possible for everyone involved.

This document is a draft, which will be finalised once we have listened to the views of doctors on its contents. We are asking that you take the time to read, and provide comments on the document which is available here.

The closing date for submissions is 13th January 2014.