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Education and Training Symposium

The Medical Council Education and Training Symposium, ‘From Student to Specialist – Paving the Path to Professionalism’, was designed to explore aspects of professionalism with a focus on perspectives from outside the jurisdiction. Participants included leaders of medical schools and postgraduate medical training bodies, medical students, senior health officials and members of the Health Service Executive.

The keynote speakers were Dr John Jenkins, President, The Association for the Study of Medical Education and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Child Health, Queen’s University Belfast and Dr Anne Marie MacLellan, Assistant Secretary and Director, Medical Education Division, Collège des Médecins du Québec, Canada.

Dr Jenkins presented on the formation of appropriate professional identity, the long and winding road to excellence and the transitions, milestones and waypoints encountered. Dr MacLellan gave an overview of the structures and processes for medical regulation in Canada and Quebec, along with an overview of the structures and processes for the Collège des Médecins du Québec’s role in education across the professional development spectrum.

Aspects of Professionalism were explored in a workshop format, which included:

  • Defining Professionalism.
  • Learning About Professionalism.
  • Role Models – seeing is believing.
  • Remediating Unprofessionalism.
  • Assessing Professionalism.
  • Promoting Professionalism in Health Service setting.

The event provided an opportunity for key stakeholders, experts and consumers to share views and develop ideas which will assist in informing the Medical Council’s future work in education, training, and continuing competence. The Medical Council wishes to thank all participants for their valuable insights.