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Medical Council Election Candidates Announced

The candidates for Medical Council elections were announced today (25th February, 2013).  All registered doctors can vote on between 12 noon, next Monday, March 4th and 12 noon on Friday, March 15th.

Voting will be open for the following candidates in the following categories:

Specialist Division - Obstetrics and Gynaecology

  • Dr Colm O'Herlihy (Registration Number: 008024)
  • Dr David Walsh (Registration Number: 00879)

Specialist Division  -  Pathology or Radiology

  • Dr Sean Curran (Registration Number: 20160)
  • Dr Charles John D'Adhemar (Registration Number: 223000)
  • Dr Peter Kelly (Registration Number: 005720)

Specialist Division  - Public Health Medicine

  • Dr Anthony Breslin (Registration Number: 011124)
  • Dr Diarmuid O Donnabhain (Registration Number: 000758)
  • Dr Aílis Theresa Quinlan (Registration Number: 008564)
  • Dr Peter James Wright (Registration Number: 000878)

One medical practitioner, not being a consultant, practising medicine in a hospital

  • Dr Tashfeen Siddiq Ali (Registration Number: 402150)
  • Dr Ashfaq Chandio(Registration Number: 112591)
  • Dr Audrey Anne Dillon (Registration Number: 266822)
  • Dr Rupak Kumar Sarkar (Registration Number: 098786)

One registered medical practitioner, not falling within any of the other categories 

  • Dr Gerard Bury (Registration Number: 003148)
  • Dr Patrick Ian Condon (Registration Number: 003526)
  • Dr Marcus de Brun (Registration Number: 128888)
  • Dr Ian Gargan (Registration Number: 223259)
  • Dr Dermot Halpin (Registration Number: 005077)
  • Dr Ruairi Hanley (Registration Number: 023858)
  • Dr Kathleen Mary Josephine McGarry (Registration Number: 006562)
  • Dr Patrick Joseph Murphy (Registration Number: 007288)
  • Dr Syed Naqvi (Registration Number: 010833)
  • Dr Fazal Ur Rahman Memon (Registration Number: 012317)
  • Dr Michael Riordan (Registration Number: 281464)
  • Dr Saleem Sharif (Registration Number: 022034)
  • Dr Narayanan Subramanian (Registration Number: 264799)

The following candidate was nominated unopposed and has been elected, subject to appointment by the Minister for Health.

Anaesthesia  - Dr Barbara Anne Golden (Registration Number: 016312)

Speaking today, CEO of the Medical Council, Ms Caroline Spillane, said: “Members of the Medical Council have an important role to play in promoting patient safety by working together to ensure high standards amongst doctors registered in Ireland. It’s important that all registered doctors have their say on the formation of the Council and participate in the election of new Council members. The process is designed to be democratic, and by making voting available online, it should hopefully encourage greater engagement than ever before”.

Following the close of the poll on March 15th the six successfully elected persons will be advised to the Minister for Health, the Council and the candidates.

Successful appointees as Council members will be expected to attend 8 scheduled and approximately 4 extraordinary Council meetings per year, totalling approximately 14 meeting days per year.  In addition to this, Council members will be nominated to serve on a range of Council activities including Committees, Sub Committees, Working Groups and Medical School and Post Graduate Training Body inspections.


Notes to Editors

1. The composition of the Medical Council is set out by legislation (the Medical Practitioners Act, 2007).  The membership is composed of 25 members:

  • one nominee of the Royal Irish Academy
  • two nominees of the HSE
  • one nominee of the Minister for Education and Science
  • one nominee of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland 
  • one nominee of CORU
  • one nominee of HIQA
  • two nominees of medical schools
  • one nominee of the Independent Hospitals Association of Ireland
  • five nominees of the Minister for Health
  • one nominee of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
  • one nominee of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • one nominee of the Irish College of General Practitioners
  • one nominee of the College of Psychiatry
  • six elected registered medical practitioners

 2. The list of current Medical Council members is available at:

For further information, please contact:

Lorna Farren
Medical Council Communications Manager
01 498 3173/ 087 913 0288