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Pain Medicine to be recognised as medical specialty


The Medical Council today (9th May 2013) launched a programme of consultation to recognise Pain Medicine as a separate medical speciality.

Recognition of specialties leads to the establishment of new specialist categories within the Medical Council’s Register of Medical Practitioners. It enables doctors to pursue specialist training and registration in the specialty which best suit their qualifications and practice and is a further safeguard to ensure the ongoing safety of patients.

The Council currently recognises 52 specialties under the Medical Practitioners Act 2007. The criteria applied by the Medical Council in its specialty recognition processes are in line with international best practice in this area, and public consultation is an important element of this process.   

Speaking today, Medical Council President, Professor Kieran Murphy said: “The recognition of medical specialties is an important element of the Council’s work in the areas of education, training and registration.  All interested parties have the opportunity to inform the Council’s decision-making in this area, as feedback relating to the application for recognition of Pain Medicine will be fully considered before Council makes its final decision.”

Full details of the recognition process along with the relevant application documents and feedback forms can be found at  

The deadline for receipt of feedback submissions is close of business on Friday, 24th May 2013.



Editor’s Notes.

  1. Information on ‘Pain Medicine’ can be found on  
  2. The process for recognition for medical specialties is a two stage process:

Stage One of the recognition process is an initial evaluation of an application for recognition as a specialty.  Stage Two involves a public consultation  as well as a detailed evaluation by assessors from inside and outside the State who have the necessary knowledge of the area of the aspirant specialty.  If Stage Two is successfully completed, the Council will seek Ministerial consent to its decision before recognition is finally determined.