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Results of election for appointment to the Medical Council released

Returning officer, Mr Patrick Woods, today (27th March 2013) announced the results of the elections of medical members of the Medical Council.  The total number of doctors who voted in the election was 3,020. 

The results of the online ballot were as follows:

Specialist Division - Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Total poll - 2,171)

  • Dr Colm O'Herlihy (Registration Number: 008024) 1,160 votes
  • Dr David Walsh (Registration Number: 000879) 1,011 votes

Dr Colm O'Herlihy was elected

Specialist Division - Pathology or Radiology (Total poll 2,020)

  • Dr Sean Curran (Registration Number: 020160) 928 votes
  • Dr Peter Kelly (Registration Number: 005720) 835 votes
  • Dr Charles John D'Adhemar (Registration Number: 223000) 257 votes

Dr Sean Curran was elected

Specialist Division - Public Health Medicine (Total poll 1,856)

  • Dr Anthony Breslin (Registration Number: 011124) 639 votes
  • Dr Aílis Theresa Quinlan (Registration Number: 008564) 620 votes
  • Dr Diarmuid O Donnabhain (Registration Number: 000758) 330 votes
  • Dr Peter James Wright (Registration Number: 000878) 267 votes

Dr Anthony Breslin was elected

One medical practitioner, not being a consultant, practising medicine in a hospital (Total poll 2,310)

  • Dr Audrey Anne Dillon (Registration Number: 266822) 1533 votes
  • Dr Ashfaq Chandio(Registration Number: 112591) 367 votes
  • Dr Rupak Kumar Sarkar (Registration Number: 098786) 233 votes
  • Dr Tashfeen Siddiq Ali (Registration Number: 402150) 177 votes

Dr Audrey Anne Dillon was elected

One registered medical practitioner, not falling within any of the other categories (Total poll 2,883)

  • Dr Ruairi Hanley (Registration Number: 023858) 1377 votes
  • Dr Syed Naqvi (Registration Number: 010833) 263 votes
  • Dr Gerard Bury (Registration Number: 003148) 258 votes
  • Dr Kathleen Mary Josephine McGarry (Registration Number: 006562) 218 votes
  • Dr Patrick Ian Condon (Registration Number: 003526) 155 votes
  • Dr Michael Riordan (Registration Number: 281464) 128 votes
  • Dr Fazal Ur Rahman Memon (Registration Number: 012317) 119 votes
  • Dr Narayanan Subramanian (Registration Number: 264799) 99 votes
  • Dr Dermot Halpin (Registration Number: 005077) 82 votes
  • Dr Saleem Sharif (Registration Number: 022034) 76 votes
  • Dr Marcus de Brun (Registration Number: 128888) 39 votes
  • Dr Ian Gargan (Registration Number: 223259) 37 votes
  • Dr Patrick Joseph Murphy (Registration Number: 007288) 32 votes

Dr Ruairi Hanley was elected

Specialist Division - Anaesthesia 

Dr Bairbre Anne Golden was elected unopposed. (Registration Number: 016312)

The six candidates have been elected, subject to appointment by the Minister for Health.

In accordance with the regulations, the returning officer has given written notice to every person elected of their election and has supplied the Minister and the Medical Council with a list of the persons elected.


Notes to Editors

  1. The composition of the Medical Council is set out by legislation (the Medical Practitioners Act, 2007).  The membership is composed of 25 members:
  • five nominees of the Minister for Health (the Minister for Health, has invited expressions of interest for these appointments, and more information is available at:
  • one nominee of the Royal Irish Academy
  • two nominees of the HSE
  • one nominee of the Minister for Education and Science
  • one nominee of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland 
  • one nominee of CORU
  • one nominee of HIQA
  • two nominees of medical schools
  • one nominee of the Independent Hospitals Association of Ireland
  • one nominee of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
  • one nominee of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
  • one nominee of the Irish College of General Practitioners
  • one nominee of the College of Psychiatry
  • six elected registered medical practitioners