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Doctors Required for Expert Panel

The Preliminary Proceedings Committee is the committee of the Medical Council which considers all complaints received by the Medical Council at an initial stage. As part of its investigations into complaints received by the PPC, it is sometimes necessary to contact experts in order to obtain an opinion on a matter.

The Medical Council would like to invite expressions of interest from doctors that are available to give their expert opinion in the event that the PPC may seek one. It is the intention of the Council to form a panel of experts from the Specialist Division of the register that, according to their specialty and the nature of complaints being investigated, may be called on at some time in the future to provide a report.

Please note that any expert who provides a report may be required to attend fitness to practise inquiries as an expert witness, in the event that the PPC refer the complaint to inquiry.

To receive more information, please contact:  (01) 4983196 or email Fildelma Burke: