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New Guidance on Ethics and Professionalism

During each term of the Medical Council, our guidance on good professional practice is reviewed and revised.  The purpose of this guidance is to ensure that the medical profession and the public have a clear understanding of the standards of practice expected from doctors.

We want to ensure that the guidance we provide is inclusive, relevant and useful.  In 2014, we received feedback about how we can improve our current publication (2009 Edition) from registered doctors, members of the public and partner organisations, including representatives from public/patient interests, other healthcare professionals, interest groups for doctors, health service employers, indemnity insurers, healthcare trainers and educators, government and other healthcare regulators.

We also sought the views of the community on issues such as the important characteristics required to be a good doctor.  The responses we received to our survey highlighted a number of topics which required in depth review, as well as some additional topics which have been included in the new guide, namely Social Media, Equality and Diversity, Doctors in Leadership and Management Roles and Doctors as Trainers.  Further consultation has been on-going and research undertaken to support a series of workshops to review and develop the guide.

We have now reached the final step in a thorough consultation process to seek the views of the public, doctors and partner organisations and are inviting views on our draft new edition, prior to finalisation.

You will need to review our draft new guide before completing this questionnaire:

 Draft Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics 9th Ed

After you have read the draft guide, the survey should not take more than 15-20 minutes to complete:

 Medical Council Conduct and Ethics Survey

We would appreciate if you could complete this survey by close of business on 7th August 2015.