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Your Training Counts 2015

Last week, we published the findings of Your Training Counts 2015, which found that:

  • The overall quality of the learning environments improved in 2015
  • Quality of patient care remains high
  • Teamwork and collaboration keep improving
  • 36% of trainees reported nurses & midwives as a source of bullying

While data is still consistent with 2014, we have gathered a deeper insight into how trainees are experiencing their learning environments.

We will continue to work with our partner organisations in the health sector with the aim of addressing and rectifying these issues while ensuring that further actions are implemented to bring about change in the learning environment and we hope that by this time next year we will begin to see more positive findings coming through.

We have already seen some stark improvements by our partners in education, such as;

  • RCSI has implemented scenario based learning methods with an emphasis on doctor empowerment, teamwork, giving and receiving feedback, dealing with conflict and identifying and dealing with bullying behaviour.  RCSI has also produce app which contains information regarding the management of stress and difficult situations. A training the trainer programme is also to be introduced in December.

  • Trinity College has introduced seminars on career advice, professionalism and wellbeing. The introduction of a post call debriefing session allows trainees to discuss any difficult cases and raise issues of concern to them.

  •  A programme called IJuMP (intern junior mentoring programme) was introduced in NUIG to establish an intern teaching and mentoring group for teaching specific intern tasks and for improving awareness around intern training posts and the role of the intern.

  • Under RCPI, the Faculty of Occupational Medicine insists all trainers undertake and regularly update their training and mentoring skills. The faculty is also involved in the Physician Wellbeing programme and developing resilience programme provided within the College of Physicians.

  • The Intern Training Network, Dublin north east, delivers an intern bootcamp, which is ran as part of intern induction, which covers topics such as clinical skills, prescribing, common scenarios encountered and stress management.

  • The College of Psychiatrists have made a number of improvements to their specialist training, from July 2015, their basic specialist training trainees will know where they will be located for their 3 year programme post- Foundation year. Based on Your Training Counts, moving biannually had a notable effect on trainees’ wellbeing, quality of life and family relations. 

We will be working with UCD on a new research project into doctors new to the practice of medicine in Ireland to inform what will become known as the Safe Start programme. This research will be undertaken in order to assess the education and training needs of medical graduates who are new to the practice of medicine in Ireland. The aim is to speak directly to new and recent entrants to medical practice in Ireland to find out what education and training they would have benefitted from when they first arrived in our health system. This information will then go on to inform the design of a registration support programme to be delivered by the Medical Council for doctors entering the practice of medicine in Ireland.