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Maintenance of Professional Competence at a glance - What doctors need to know

  1. Doctors on the General, Specialist or Supervised Divisions of the Register in Ireland must be enrolled in a Professional Competence Scheme (PCS). 
  2. This has been a legal requirement since May 2011.
  3. Postgraduate Training Bodies (PGTBs) operate PCSs. These include: RCPI, ICGP, RCSI, CAI, ICPsych.
  4. Doctors choose a PCS that closely matches their scope of practice.
  5. Doctors must enrol, and maintain enrolment annually, on a Professional Competence Scheme.
  6. Each PCS charges a fee to facilitate doctors with their maintenance of professional competence.
  7. Doctors need to record their own CPD activity. The PGTB they are enrolled in will have a tool to assist doctors with this.
  8. At the end of the year the PGTB will issue a ‘Statement of Participation’ showing what CPD activity you have recorded as complete.
  9. If the Medical Council wants to check a doctor’s compliance with maintenance of professional competence, the ‘Statement of Participation’ is what we ask for.
  10. Contact your training body if you have any questions about PCSs and maintenance of professional competence. 

Maintenance of Professional Competence Compliance in Three Easy Steps

  1. Sign up to and maintain your enrolment annually on a Professional Competence Scheme.
  2. Complete the required CPD activity and practice/clinical improvement audit each year.
  3. Record your CPD and Audit activity on your ePortfolio.