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Patient Booklet

Working With Your doctor : Useful Information for Patients

The Medical Council has published an online booklet for patients and members of the public entitled “Working with Your Doctor: Useful Information for Patients”.This booklet aims to help patients and members of the public get the best health care through working in partnership with doctors and other health professionals.

It also informs members of the public on aspects of care which they may not otherwise consider, such as:

  • what they can expect from their doctor,
  • what their doctors needs to know and
  • what to do if something goes wrong.

The patient booklet was developed following the launch of the 8th Edition of the Medical Council’s Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners earlier this year which sets out the standards of practice doctors are expected to follow.  In August, the Medical Council went out to consultation to seek the views of the public, doctors and partner organisations on the draft patient booklet to ensure it was inclusive, relevant and useful.

Learn more and read the booklet here.