Medical Council News


Dr. Anthony Breslin is the newly appointed Vice President of the Medical Council

Dr. Anthony Breslin has been appointed Vice President of the Medical Council. Dr. Breslin is a specialist in Public Health Medicine (Communicable Diseases and Environmental Health) in HSE – North West. He has been a member of the Council since 2013 and his valuable contributions to the Council make him a worthy successor to outgoing Vice President, Dr Audrey Dillon.

Dr. Breslin will retain his position as Chair of the Registration and Continuing Practice Committee, which advises Council on policy and statutory frameworks governing entry to the register and continuing registration of doctors. He also holds membership of a number of other Committees including Audit, Nominations and Preliminary Proceedings Committee. He will now demit from PPC as to avoid any conflict of interest and be in a position to stand in for President during Sanction hearings as the case arises. Dr. Breslin says he is ‘delighted and honoured’ to take up his new position as Vice President of the Council. Commenting on his objectives in the role, he expressed how he ‘will continue to make patient safety my main objective, while at the same time attempting to ensure that doctors are encouraged and facilitated to develop their clinical skills for their own professional work and for the benefit of their patients’.

He adds that ‘as members of the Council we are only too aware that the Council has to address new challenges on an ongoing basis and I consider that my past experience in the Council would be useful in the position of Vice President to meet these challenges in a productive manner. I have a good working relationship with all Council members and with the Council staff which would be of benefit in assisting the work of the Council and in supporting the President’.

His predecessor, Dr. Audrey Dillon, served as Vice President since the current Council was elected in 2013. She had been appointed through election in the Non Consultant Hospital Doctor category and had also acted as Chair of the Ethics and Professionalism committee. Medical Council President, Professor Freddie Wood, has paid tribute to Audrey’s work over the years, particularly her work on the revision of the ‘Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners’. Reflecting on Dr. Dillon’s success in her role as the previous Vice President, Professor Wood said “Audrey has been a fantastic Vice President of the Council and a great support to me in my role as President. Her work and expertise in providing ethical guidance and professional competence has greatly aided our quest at the Council to ensure both doctors and patients have a clear and positive understanding of what it means to be a good doctor in Ireland today’.

‘While both the staff and Council are sad to see her step down, we fully support Dr. Dillon’s decision and wish her well in her future endeavours. On foot of her decision we have however, appointed an equally commendable successor, Dr. Anthony Breslin. We welcome his expertise in Public Health medicine and I look forward to working closely with him in the coming months. Together we will continue to provide a Council which supports good professional practice among doctors in the interests of patient safety’.

Speaking about her decision, Dr. Dillon said ‘My time as Vice President of the Council has been deeply rewarding. My work in the Council over the past four years has allowed me to contribute to ensuring that the guidance and support to both doctors and patients is inclusive, relevant and useful. I am extremely proud of the work we have achieved in the Ethics and Professionalism Committee over the years. My own interest in Healthcare Ethics encouraged me to have a prominent role in the publication of the revised ethical guide. During my term I was also able to oversee the publication of the ‘Working with your doctor: useful information for patients’. This was created in an effort to help empower the patient by providing them with information so they can take an active role in their own health care.

Initiatives such as these helped make my time as Vice President of the Council an effective and rewarding experience. My decision to step down is a result of increasing professional commitments. However, I have the utmost faith in Dr. Breslin’s success in the role and I wish him the best of luck’.