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Student and Trainee Consultative Panel

Students and trainees are a key stakeholder in the work of the Medical Council in the areas of education and training. It is important that students and trainees understand the work of the Medical Council and are in a position to inform and influence the content and direction of this work.

The Consultative Panel provides a structure for communication, engagement and consultation between students/trainees and the Medical Council. It is not accountable to the Medical Council or to a Committee. However, notes in relation to the Consultative Panel will be considered by the Education, Training and Professional Development Committee. The Consultative Panel will two to three times a year, at least once per academic semester.

The overall objective of the Student and Trainee Consultative Panel is to:

  • Better inform students and trainees in relation to the general role of the Medical Council in medical education and training, and in relation to specific programmes and projects
  • Enhance the Medical Council’s role in medical education and training through ensuring it is better informed by the views of students and trainees.

If you wish to attend the next meeting which takes place on Tuesday the 17th of October at 4pm at Dublin Hilton, Charlemont Place contact by close of business on Monday, 16th of October at the latest.