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The Medical Council is currently recruiting for the position of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

This person will:

  • Be responsible for planning, organising and implementing identified projects and programmes which aim to develop and apply evidence from research and evaluation so as to support regulatory body objectives in protecting the public and ensuring good standards in doctors’ education, training and continuing practice. 
  • Projects and programmes may include, but will not be limited to:
    • Maintaining and developing the current monitoring system we employ to understand the quality of training in post-graduate learning environments;
    • Using trainee feedback to facilitate quality improvement in learning environments;
    • Using in-house data sources (such as the register of medical practitioners) to create medical workforce intelligence reports; 
    • Establishing a system that evaluates the needs of medical education trainers (in post-graduate settings); 
    • Supporting an “intelligence-based” approach to quality assurance functions regarding Continuing Professional Development;
    • Providing research brief on topics that will assist the Council in its decision-making functions; 
    • Consultations with key stakeholders on topics relating to Medical Council strategic objectives;
    • Using feedback surveys with different stakeholders to allow the Medical Council to reflect upon, and improve, key business processes and functions;
    • Using research and evaluation to better inform national strategic policy-making relevant to regulatory body objectives;
    • Working closely with and ensure good ongoing communication with colleagues across the regulatory body.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of the role of the regulatory body, its functions and the context in which it operates;
  • Ability to manage research, monitoring and evaluation in an organisation (preferably) in the health, education or wider social sector; specifically knowledge and demonstrated experience with regard to:
    • Quantitative research methods, including survey design and implementation, and high-level data analysis;
    • Qualitative research methods, including data collection through individual and group interview, and appropriate analysis;
    • Evaluation of complex interventions;
    • Appraising published research evidence for relevance to organisational policy;
  • Ability to facilitate quality improvement discussions (with internal and external business owners) in an engaging, respectful, inclusive and constructive manner;
  • Capacity to quickly acquire a sound understanding of a wide range of complex strategic policy issues and to provide accessible and relevant information to support decision-making;
  • Ability to flex and adapt to changing demands, manage competing priorities and meet deadlines;
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to be clear, comprehensive and concise in communications;
  • Ability to work independently, to demonstrate initiative, and to work as part of a team;
  • Ability to represent the organisation in public speaking and at academic events; 
  • Ability to supervise and manage own and others’ workloads;
  • Ability to work with confidential information and maintain confidentiality;
  • Well-developed interpersonal and IT skills (including Excel and SPSS or similar); 
  • A commitment to producing high quality research, monitoring and evaluation that significantly contributes to the development of policy; and,
  • Willingness to undertake additional duties from time to time and as required by the regulatory body.

Substantial and relevant experience in research, monitoring and evaluation role within an organisation which contributes to public good, preferably in the health, education or wider social sector is essential. At least two years of that should be at a senior level.

A third level qualification in a health, education, social science, or other related field, including significant emphasis on research skills, is essential.

Salary will be determined in line with the following scale:

€46,081 to €54,329 with LS1 €56,3141 and LS2 €58,2942 less statutory deductions.

1 After 3 years satisfactory service at the maximum
2 After 6 years satisfactory service at the maximum

Deadline for applications for this post is 3.00 pm on Friday, 24th March, 2017. Please note, we will acknowledge receipt of all applications. Please note that we will be holding interviews within two weeks of the application deadline.

Please note this is a 2 year fixed term contract. 

Please submit a covering letter outlining your experience and interest in the role, along with a copy of your CV to:

Judith Marquez
Human Resources
Medical Council of Ireland
Kingram House
Kingram Place
Dublin 2

T. 01 498 3106

The full specification of the position advertised can be viewed here.