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Practitioner Health Matters Programme

This programme is a completely independent service specifically designed to look after the health needs of practitioners. It is a strictly confidential service which provides support and appropriate medical care for practitioners in Ireland who may be going through a difficult time with stress, mental health difficulties or who may have an alcohol or medication misuse problem. This service operates separately from the regulatory and professional bodies and operates under the motto “Support rather than Report”. It is a not for profit charity and is free of charge for all practitioners. The Medical Council recognises the value of such a programme and encourages doctors to contact the confidential service should they require advice or assistance. Please see for further details or contact the service on 01 - 297 0356 or email:

Extended Maternity or Sick Leave – what to do?

The Postgraduate Training Bodies, who operate Professional Competence Schemes, are your point of contact for all queries and guidance on maintenance of professional competence. If you are on sick or on maternity leave for greater than three months you should contact the Professional Competence Scheme which you are enrolled in to advise them. They will record this on your annual statement of participation. Your Professional Competence Scheme can provide advice on engagement in CPD activities during this absence. You do not need to notify the Medical Council in relation to this. If you are ever the subject of an MCI review or performance assessment process, we will request a copy of your statement of participation. If it identifies that you were on extended leave and subsequently had shortfalls in your maintenance of professional competence activity, this will be given fair consideration.

Retention of Registration: PCS declaration

Doctors need to pay their PCS enrolment fee to their PGTB before completing their retention of registration unless they practise overseas or are Trainees (currently in or about to enter a training programme).