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Your Training Counts 2017

A special thank you to all the trainees who took part in the Your Training Counts Survey for 2017 which closed recently. A thank you must also go to the training bodies, the trainers and all those who supported and encouraged people to participate. In addition to our online communications over the last number of months, representatives of the Medical Council have met with trainees at various events, conferences and clinical locations around the country to seek trainees views.

The survey aims to support the continuous improvement of the quality of postgraduate medical training in Ireland. It is an immensely useful resource with the results from previous years forming the basis for much further research, and importantly, action.

Over the last four years the Your Training Counts survey data and results have been used to influence change in improving the trainee experience, especially in areas including doctor emigration, adverse events and bullying and undermining. The survey has been the driving force to explore and address the general wellbeing and health of doctors in practice. These things take time and the better the data, the easier it is to generate evidence-based change.

Other positive outcomes from the survey include:

  • The development the Irish Medical Intern board, which had its inaugural meeting in October 2017
  • The data has been instrumental in informing the Medical Council accreditation of training programmes and prioritisation of clinical site inspections.
  • The data represented trainees' views on the quality of learning environments in a Department of Health taskforce, with a view to changing workforce planning and improving quality of training in practice.
  • Medical Council was invited by the Irish Medical Organisation to join a taskforce with the Health Service Executive to address bullying and undermining.

The findings from the 2017 survey will be published in early 2018.

Your Training Counts 2017 - Thank You Message