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New Council

All twenty-five of the new members of the Medical Council for the new term have been appointed by the Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD.

The Council has a majority of non-medical members, with 13 non-medical members and 12 medical members. Six members of the Council were elected by registered medical practitioners, five were appointed by the Minister for Health via the Public Appointments Service, and one was nominated by the Minister for Education and Skills, while the remaining 13 were appointed by a number of nominating bodies. Nine of the members served on the last Medical Council and have been reappointed or re-elected.

The new Council’s first meeting was held 11th July, where the President, Dr Rita Doyle and Vice President, Dr Anthony Breslin, were elected by secret ballot for its new term.

Dr Rita Doyle, President

Dr Rita Doyle, the Council’s first elected female president, operates the Bray Family Practice in Wicklow. She has been a General Practitioner for more than thirty years and is a past President of the Irish College of General Practitioners. Dr Doyle is also the first full time GP elected as President of the Medical Council.

Dr Anthony Breslin, Vice-President

Dr Anthony Breslin, a Specialist in Public Health Medicine (Communicable Diseases and Environmental Health), has been elected as Vice-President. Dr Breslin was the outgoing Vice-President having been previously elected as Vice-President in August 2017.

Rita Doyle and Anthony

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