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Oireachtas Committee Appearances

In May, the Medical Council appeared before two Oireachtas Committees. We attended a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee to discuss with the Committee our Ethical Guide, especially the sections dealing with open disclosure and duty of candour. We also attended the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health to address the matter of non-specialists hospital doctors practicing as consultants in Ireland.

This matter was not only raised by the Oireachtas Committee but was also highlighted by the President of the High Court who expressed his concerns over the patient safety implications of these appointments. The Medical Council strongly supports the appointment of consultants that are properly qualified and considers this essential to the proper delivery of health care. This is an area the Council is monitoring closely and we firmly believe that only doctors on the specialist register should be employed in consultant roles. We are liaising regularly with the HSE on this matter whilst working with individual doctors to ensure the highest of standards are being met and that the practise of non-specialists being appointed to these roles is stopped.

The Opening Statement by Dr Anthony Breslin and Mr Bill Prasifka to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health can be viewed here.

The Opening Statement by Mr Bill Prasifka, CEO Medical Council, and Dr Audrey Dillon, Chairperson of the Ethics and Professionalism Committee and a member of the Medical Council, to the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee can be read here.

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