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The Medical Council Published the first Reports into Inspections of Clinical training sites in the South/South West and Saolta Hospital Groups

The Medical Council published the first reports into two sets of inspections carried out in nine Hospitals across the Saolta University Health Care Group and the South/South West Hospital Group as part of the Medical Council’s quality assurance role in medical education and training. The purpose of each inspection visit was to assess if and how each clinical training site is complying with Medical Council standards for clinical training sites.

Nine hospitals across the two Hospital Groups were inspected in 2017 to assess compliance with two sets of standards, one for interns and the other for specialist trainees. 

As part of the inspection process, the Medical Council Assessor Teams met with Hospital Group management, clinical training site management, trainers, specialist trainees and interns and inspected the educational facilities on site. In terms of Intern Training Standards, it was found that the Saolta University Health Care Group was 36% Partially Compliant and 64% Fully Compliant with the Standards; and the South/South West Hospital Group was 3% Non-Compliant, 63% Partially Compliant and 34% Fully Compliant.

You can view the reports here.

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