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Your Training Counts

Your Training Counts

Your Training Counts, the national trainee experience survey is designed and delivered by the Medical Council. It aims to inform and support the continuous improvement of the quality of postgraduate medical training in Ireland.

Your Training Counts has given trainees a platform to provide anonymous feedback surrounding their training post, training school, trainer/trainee relationship in addition to their own health and career intentions. These trainee views inform and enable the Medical Council to determine how training is carried out, how best to measure against other EU countries, to acknowledge achievements and strengths in the training and educational area and areas for improvement.

Since the introduction of Your Training Counts in 2014, a number of significant changes have been implemented directly as a result of trainee feedback. These can be viewed at:

A report regarding Your Training Counts 2017 is due for publication before the end of 2018. In order to continue capturing information that is relevant to trainees, Your Training Counts 2018 was put on hold pending a direct consultation with current trainees in autumn 2018. Redevelopment based on this feedback and re-launch is now planned in May 2019.

In conjunction with this consultation and re-launch, there are also plans to consult directly with trainers, in addition to the development of a Trainer Survey for next year. This is with a view to obtaining a fuller, more holistic picture of Medical Education and Training in Ireland, and to effect felt change and quality improvements in this area. It is also with a view to re-invigorating the Council’s focus on doctors’ wellbeing, which will become a core research area to bolster support for doctors to work in safe, professional practices across Ireland.

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