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Internship Registration

This allows a doctor to carry out internship training, as determined by the Medical Council, for one year in an approved hospital under consultant supervision. Doctors usually begin internship training immediately after graduation from medical school.

Percentage of doctors holding Internship Registration on the General Register as of 1st January 2009

Registration as at 1st January 2009
Internship Registration All other Registration Total
657 18,414 19,071

Internship breakdown

Gender Analysis

Percentage of male to female doctors holding internship registration


Breakdown of Internship Registration by Medical School

Doctors holding internship registration by Medical School
School Number
RCSI 175
UCD 149
TCD 119
UCC 109
Poland 7
Malaysia 2
France 1
Great Britain 1
Total 657

Note: Doctors trained within the EU/ EFTA are eligible to apply for internship registration in Ireland

Internship-med school

Historic Trend of doctors holding internship registration by Medical School


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