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Specialist Registration

A specialist is a doctor who has completed their training and requires no further training or supervision to practise independently in the discipline of their choice. Specialist registration is the best assurance to the public of the ability of a doctor to practise without supervision. To be entered in the Register of Medical Specialists a Doctor must first be Fully Registered.

Percentage of all registered doctors entered into the Register of Medical Specialists as of 1st January 2009

Registration as at 1st January 2009
Total doctors registered in the General Register Of which, doctors entered in the Register of Medical Specialists
19,071 5,112


Gender Analysis

Percentage of male to female doctors on the Register of Medical Specialists


Number of Specialists by Division

Specialists by Division
Specialty Number
Anaesthesia 427
Emergency Medicine 66
General Practice 1,626
Medical Specialties 1,075
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 165
Occupational Medicine 89
Ophthalmology 124
Pathology Specialties 240
Paediatrics Specialties 218
Psychiatry Specialties 564
Public Health Medicine 88
Radiology 317
Surgical Specialties 661
Sports & Exercise Medicine 22
Total 5,682

Please note that there are 52 recognised specialities. 534 doctors are registered for more than one specialty.

Specialist Specialties

Year on year increase in registered specialists across all specialties since establishment of Register of Medical Specialists on 1st January 2009

Specialist per year

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