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Specialist Registration

Specialist registration is specifically for medical practitioners who have completed specialist training recognised by the Medical Council and can practise independently as a specialist.

Percentage of doctors holding Specialist Registration as of 1st January 2010

Registration as at 1st January 2010
Specialist Registration All Other Registration Total
5,618 12,550 18,168

Specialist breakdown

Gender Analysis

Percentage of male to female doctors holding general registration

Specialist gender

Number of Specialties by Division

Specialists by Division
Specialty Number
Anaesthesia 450
Emergency Medicine 61
General Practice 1,907
Medicine 1,181
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 179
Occupational Medicine 92
Opthalmology 133
Paediatrics 227
Pathology 263
Psychiatry 610
Public Health Medicine 92
Radiology 328
Sports & Exercise Medicine 24
Surgery 712
Total 6,259


Specialist Specialties

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