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Trainee Specialist Registration

Registration in the Trainee Specicalist Division is for Interns completing their internship training and Medical practitioners who have completed their internship training and are undertaking postgraduate training in recognised training posts.

Percentage of doctors holding Trainee Specialist Registration as of 1st January 2010

Registration as at 1st January 2010
Trainee Specialist Registration All Other Registration Total
2,373 15,795 18,168

Trainee Specialist General

Gender Analysis

Percentage of male to female doctors holding trainee specialist registration

Trainee Specialist Gender

Countries from which Trainee Specialist doctors qualified

Countries from which Trainee Specialist doctors qualified
Country Number
Ireland 1,187
Pakistan 275
Sudan 229
Nigeria 216
India 136
Great Britain 49
Egypt 34
Poland 27
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 21
Iraq 17
Other 182

Trainee Specialist Country

Age Analysis

Age Analysis of doctors with Trainee Specialist Registration
Age Male Female
20-35 801 888
36-44 416 130
45-65 118 20
>66 0 0
Total 1,335 1,038

Trainee Specialist Age

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