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Listening to Complaints; Learning for Good Professional Practice.pdf

This report is based on information from approximately 2,000 complaints heard by the Medical Council between 2008 -2012.

Information for Healthcare Organisations and Employers of Doctors, Professional Competence.pdf

What healthcare organisations and employers of doctors need to know.

Information on performance procedures and activities.pdf

Information leaflet for employers and the workplace on the Medical Council performance procedures.

What to do if called to give evidence: An information guide for witnesses.pdf

This document tells you what happens when you are called to give evidence at inquiries before the Fitness to Practise Committee of the Medical Council.
Being a witness at an inquiry is very important. When giving evidence to the Fitness to Practise Committee, you are helping the Committee by giving them first-hand information.

What to do if a complaint is made about you: A guide for doctors.pdf

This booklet tells you about the procedure that the Medical Council will follow if a complaint is made about you. The legal basis of the complaints procedure is set out in parts 7, 8 and 9 of the Medical Practitioners Act, 2007.

An Introduction to the Guide for Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners.pdf

This guide assists doctors in maintaining the highest possible standards of professional conduct and ethics and is also important for patients so they are aware of level of professional standards they should expect from their doctor.

Guidelines on Remediation of Doctors in the Intern Year.pdf

The Medical Council has produced these guidelines aimed primarily at Intern Network Co-ordinators but also at others involved in the teaching and training of interns.

Intern Handbook: Information and Logbook for Interns 2008.pdf

This document is intended to provide information to Interns to guide them through the Intern year. The Intern year is a crucial period of transition from medical student to full registration as a doctor.

Good Medical Practice in Seeking Informed Consent to Treatment.pdf

This document is primarily intended for registered medical practitioners, medical schools, those involved in the postgraduate training of doctors, and doctors’ employers.

Annual Reports & Statistics

Our Annual Reports outline the key activities and achievements of the Medical Council over the course of each year.

Professional Conduct & Ethics

The guide assists doctors in maintaining the highest possible standards of professional conduct and ethics.

A Video Introduction to the Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners

Dr Deidre Madden, Chair of the Ethics Working Group, introduces a section by section overview of the Guide.

A Video Guide to Section C of the Ethical Guide: Medical Records and Confidentiality

Dr Deidre Madden, Chair of the Ethics Working Group, speaks about Section C of the Guide.

The Role of the Medical Council.pdf

Protecting Patients, Supporting Doctors. A Statistical Report, June 2011.

Managing Complaints about Doctors: Stakeholder Perspectives of the Role of the Medical Council in Ireland.pdf

This study of complaints about doctors is the first of its kind ever undertaken in Ireland and gives us important information from those who have been through the existing Fitness to Practice Procedures of the Medical Council.

Professional Practice Review: Developing Standards 2008.pdf

The Medical Council piloted a multi-source feedback study of general practitioners as part of the development of professional competence schemes for doctors, which will be introduced in Part 11 of Medical Practitioners Act 2007.

Performance Assessment: Developing Standards 2008.pdf

The Medical Council carried out a pilot project for Performance Assessment to evaluate the procedures involved where concerns in relation to a doctor’s performance, practice or health are raised.

Intern Coordinator and Tutor Network project Report.pdf

The aim of this project was to assess the current status of the intern year and to evaluate the experiences of the interns during their first year. This project has included both quantitative and qualitative research in gathering data.

Performance in Practice: Maintenance of Professional Standards.pdf

This consensus statement outlines the schemes that the Medical Council propose to use in fulfilling its duty of ongoing maintenance of the professional standards and competence of all registered medical practitioners.

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