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Foreword from the Council President

Protection of the public is at the core of the Medical Council’s role. As Council President, I am delighted to present our strategy, which aims to enhance patient safety in Ireland over the next five years.

This is only the second formal statement of strategy by the Medical Council. The first one, produced in 2010, served the Council, the public, patients and the medical profession well, underpinning the implementation of the Medical Practitioners Act.

This five-year strategy aims to build on the achievements of the first strategy, guided by a new vision, mission and values to reflect the Council’s role in the current times.

This simple and straightforward document maps out the six key priorities for the next five years and sets down the vision, the mission and the values that will underpin the Council’s work.

Many organisations lose their way because they fail to remember the purpose for which they were established. They fail because their vision may not be set down well enough or may not be simple enough. Bodies fail too because the turning of the vision into practice, the mission, may not be clear enough or the mission may not be underpinned by values.

The Medical Council defined its vision, mission and values and has sought to keep its eyes on the road ahead. I am committed to this strategy being the guide for the Council and will keep it on the table at each of our meetings so we can be reminded of why we are here, why we are taking the journey and what we want to achieve.

Outcomes are now a key measure in all parts of life. In education, in administration, in medicine, measuring outcomes is vital. In this strategy we have rightly put the focus on knowing the effectiveness of our work so that we stay on the right path.

Leadership is an important aspect of this statement of strategy. Through our work we aim to gain the support of the public, profession and partner organisations and earn the collective trust of those we regulate and serve.

By building this trust and support, the Medical Council can offer leadership and guidance where needed and help to further progress a shared vision for patient safety in Ireland, which will be collectively achieved.

Being effective as a Council and a regulator will require us to balance the views of the profession and of the public and patients we all serve. I ask for all your support and engagement in finding that balance in the interests of protecting the public.

Professor Freddie Wood


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