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Strategic Objective Five

Build an organisational culture that supports leadership and learning.

Council members and staff are supported as part of a learning organisation, focused on effective regulation.

We aim to achieve this goal by:

1.   Implementing good-practice governance and human resources

  • Ensure our learning and development strategy equips and supports Council members to carry out their role effectively within a sound governance framework.
  • Ensure our learning and development strategy equips employees with the skills required to deliver on the strategic objectives of the organisation.
  • Develop and regularly review the learning and development strategies to monitor their effectiveness and return on investment.

2.   Balancing capacity and capability

  • Review the organisational structure to ensure that it supports the delivery of the strategy.
  • Conduct a skills audit to identify the skills needed to support our strategy. Develop and / or acquire those skills.

3.   Aligning culture and strategy

  • Roll out a leadership development programme to maximise leadership capability across the organisation.
  • Integrate strategic objectives into all aspects of the organisation, particularly the performance management development system (PMDS) and the governance evaluation of Council.
  • Devise initiatives to engage with and involve staff in order to develop a vibrant and cohesive workplace culture.

4.   Effective internal communication

  • Further develop our consultative approach to communication across the organisation.
  • Ensure Council has the information required to monitor and oversee the implementation of the strategy effectively and on a regular basis.
  • Ensure staff members have the information, including clarity on Council decisions, required to meet business and strategic objectives effectively.

What are the intended outcomes?

  • A commitment to continuous learning and improvement by Council and staff.
  • Motivated and engaged staff.
  • A culture of high performance within the organisation.
  • Organisational structure designed to best support the successful delivery of the strategy.
  • Timely, well informed and transparent decisions made by Council.
  • Effective systems in place to share knowledge and information across the organisation.

How we will measure effectiveness

Employee measures:

  • Structured feedback from employees.
  • Absentee rates and retention rates.
  • Measuring achievement through effective use of the PMDS system.
  • Employee engagement survey.
  • Implement a skills audit of employees.
  • Develop a workforce plan to recruit personnel with the necessary qualifications or outsource necessary expertise to address skills gaps.

Council measures:

  • Annual Council Governance Evaluation.
  • Mid-term Council Governance Review. Record Council member participation at meetings, committee and training activities.

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