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Strategic Objective Four

Enhance patient safety through insightful research and greater engagement.

Patient safety is enhanced through the generation of better research evidence, the provision of information and effective communication with patients, doctors and partner organisations.

We aim to achieve this goal by:

1.   Conducting research to inform our work

  • Develop our research capacity, both in-house and through collaboration with partners.
  • Establish a programme of research, aligned to our overall corporate strategy, and gather information to better understand how good professional practice is developed and maintained.
  • Use and share the evidence base about good professional practice to drive improvements in patient safety and quality of care through our own work and through work with partner organisations.

2.   Shaping and responding to emerging legislation and policy

  • Continue our ongoing relationship with relevant government departments to contribute to the development and implementation of legislation and policy.
  • Work with international partners, particularly those involved in medical regulation, to contribute to and respond to policy changes at European level.
  • Share data and research with partner organisations to inform policy developments.

3.   Building and strengthening strategic relationships

  • Establish and implement formal agreements with relevant partners to share information and other resources.
  • Develop and implement plans to communicate and work collaboratively with partner organisations on matters related to the Council’s role.

4.   Effective communication

  • Develop an improved and open approach to communication with the public through the implementation of targeted communications plans.
  • Develop communication, interaction and engagement opportunities with doctors through targeted communications plans.
  • Increase use of online channels of communication to reach the public and the profession.
  • Greater interpersonal engagement through organisation of and participation at forums, conferences and events.

What are the intended outcomes? 

  • The views of patients and doctors play a greater role in informing the Council’s decision-making.
  • An improved evidence base to inform strategic decisions.
  • The public, doctors and partner organisations will have access to better information.
  • A more integrated approach to medical regulation across the Irish health sector is achieved through more effective relationships with partner organisations.

How we will measure effectiveness

  • Collection and analysis of data on the use of online channels of communication.
  • Improvements in public confidence in the Medical Council.
  • Improvements in doctors’ confidence in Medical Council procedures.
  • Tracking the level of engagement with partner organisations.
  • Number of research and policy reports issued. 

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