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Strategic Objective One

Develop an effective and efficient register that is responsive to the changing needs of the public and the medical profession.

We will ensure that all doctors on the register are safe to practise through an increasingly integrated approach to their initial and continued registration.

We aim to achieve this goal by:

1.   Ensuring safe pathways onto and within the register
  • Establish an on-going programme to review registration rules and procedures, and revise as necessary. Ensure registration procedures support appropriately qualified and trained doctors to attain registration.
  • Implement programmes which better enable safe and appropriate access to practice for doctors entering the register and moving within its divisions, including engagement with employers on matters such as induction and orientation.
  • Communicate with those who recruit and employ doctors to promote better understanding of the purpose of the register, its distinct divisions and assessment criteria for entry to practice.
2.   Pursuing operational excellence in registration processes
  • Finalise and operate a framework of continuous improvement to ensure registration processes are of the highest possible standard.
  • Establish internal and external quality assurance arrangements to improve the quality of our registration processes.
3.   Ensuring registration processes respond to legislative change
  • Respond quickly to national legislation changes that impact on registration processes.
  • Ensure timely response to legislation amendments at European level which impact on registration processes, including amendments to EU Directive 2005/36/EC.
4.   Ensuring that continuing registration reflects continuing fitness to practise
  • Oversee compliance with conditions attached to doctors’ registration, including health related conditions, through governance and monitoring arrangements.
  • Ensure doctors confirm continuing fitness to practise at retention of registration, including their maintenance of professional competence.

What are the intended outcomes?

  • Registration processes, including pre-registration examinations, which allow appropriately qualified doctors straightforward access to the practice of medicine in Ireland.
  • Recruiter and employer arrangements for entry to practice aligned with registration processes for safe and appropriate access to practice.
  • Our registration services are considered efficient and effective.
  • Legislation is implemented as soon as it is enacted.
  • An effective framework is in place for the retention and remediation of doctors, and the monitoring of doctors who have conditions imposed which restrict their practice.

How we will measure effectiveness

  • External accreditation of the registration processes achieved by 2015.
  • Increase in the use of the Supervised Division by the HSE.
  • Measures developed to evaluate the effectiveness / quality of our registration processes, including turnaround time.
  • Rule changes in response to new legislation implemented within an appropriate timeframe.
  • Monitor outcomes of annual retention process.
  • Monitor outcomes of cases referred for performance assessment.

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