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Strategic Objective Six

Develop a sustainable and high performing organisation.

We will ensure the effective alignment of resources, people and culture to produce reliable, sustainable business results.

We aim to achieve this goal by:

1.   Delivering value for money

  • Implement best-practice procurement procedures, as outlined in the National Public Procurement Policy Framework.
  • Implement a programme of strategic procurement that drives maximum efficiency and effectiveness within the procurement function.
  • Engage in public sector aggregation and shared service initiatives.

2.   Developing and maintaining a sustainable business model

  • Develop and deliver a medium-term financial strategy to ensure the organisation’s core objectives are met within the prevailing economic environment.
  • Examine ways to diversify revenue streams.
  • Reduce operational costs by methods such as outsourcing and using shared services.

3.   Focusing on organisational capability, with an emphasis on business process improvement

  • Implement a business process improvement framework. Attain external accreditation of Medical Council processes, commencing with our registration processes.
  • Develop a corporate data strategy and develop systems, including IT systems, to capture and analyse high-quality data that can inform our work.
  • Ensure that all the organisation’s systems and processes are focused on the needs of those who use our services.
  • Develop a quality assurance framework that allows us to better monitor and understand our business delivery, risk and compliance.

What are the intended outcomes?

  • Operational cost reduction through, for example, greater use of information systems and collaborative working with partner organisations.
  • High-performance, proactive contract management.
  • Diversified revenue streams.
  • Clear understanding about our longer-term financial needs and higher levels of transparency, accountability and demonstration of value for money.
  • Understanding of the concept of business process improvement established across the organisation to facilitate communication, training, and implementation of business process improvement initiatives.
  • Council processes attain external accreditation starting with the registration process.
  • Service user experience is enhanced by systematically collecting service related data.
  • Confidence that our business systems and processes are fit for purpose and are complied with.

How we will measure effectiveness

  • Agreed percentage of diversification of revenue targets achieved.
  • Achieve breakeven by 2015.
  • Generate revenue surplus by 2017.
  • Percentage reduction in key contract spends agreed under the Corporate Procurement Strategy.
  • Reporting of operational and system improvements.
  • Annual assessment of public satisfaction with Medical Council processes.
  • Data on quality processes to form the basis for business process improvement initiatives.

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