Reporting on a Fitness to Practise Inquiry

Reporting on a Fitness to Practise Inquiry is similar to reporting on a court case in that accuracy is vital. The Medical Council supports journalists by ensuring they have the information they need to report accurately. Transcripts are not provided for each inquiry and, therefore, attendance is advised to ensure that journalists receive first hand information on proceedings.

The following checklist will help you to report on a Fitness to Practise Inquiry:

  • do you have a correct note of the allegations? (To ensure accuracy, an information sheet, containing a list of allegations will be available to those attending a public inquiry, once the inquiry commences)
  • do you have the correct spelling of the names of any witnesses?
  • do you have a correct note of the findings of the inquiry team?
  • do you have a good understanding of what happens next? Information on Fitness to Practise Inquiries
  • do you understand the various sanctions that the Council can impose? Information on Fitness to Practise Inquiries
  • are you familiar with all of the terms used during the inquiry? Glossary of Terms

Providing evidence at an Inquiry can be a stressful experience for witnesses. Therefore, journalists are asked to consider the feelings of witnesses who may not wish to discuss the case with the media.
If you are unable to answer any of the questions above please contact Eleanor Newman on 01 4983156 who can provide you with the information you need.

Please see our policy for the publication of information on the complaints and inquiry process here

Please note that the use of cameras or recording equipment is not permitted during Fitness to Practise Inquiries. This includes all areas of the Medical Council building or alternative venue on Inquiry days.

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