Information for Healthcare Organisations & Employers of Doctors

A doctor wishing to practise medicine in the Republic of Ireland must register with the Medical Council. It is an offence to practise within the State while unregistered, with the exception of administering first aid or visiting European Economic Area (EEA) registered doctors attending in an emergency. Verify that a doctor is registered to practise medicine in Ireland.

  • The online register shows which division of the medical register a doctor is listed in. A doctor can for example only practise independently as a specialist if registered in the Specialist Division of the register.
  • View a list of specialties recognised by the Medical Council
  • If conditions have been attached to a doctor's registration, these are also listed on the online register.

View links to general information about registration and guidelines which have been specifically developed for employers.

Information about Professional Competence

View information for Healthcare Organisations and Employers about Professional Competence requirements, which place a statutory duty on doctors to engage in lifelong learning and skills development throughout their careers.

Information about Performance Procedures

Performance procedures involve on-site assessments of doctors' performance, whereby an independent team of two medical doctors and one patient representative can conduct on-site assessments, observe interactions with patients and review performance in practice. Performance procedures provide a further option for the Medical Council in handling concerns about doctors and stand alongside the Council's existing health and disciplinary proceedings, which include Fitness to Practise Inquiries.

Handling Concerns about Doctors

Anyone can make a complaint to the Council about a doctor. This includes members of the public, employers, doctors and healthcare staff. View information specifically for healthcare organisations, healthcare staff and employers of doctors about the complaints process.

Medical Council Calendar for Hearings and Events

Dates of Medical Council meetings, conferences and events are published on an online calendar.