First Time Applications to Medical Council

Every practising doctor in Ireland must, by law, be registered with the Medical Council. All doctors must submit a fully completed application, with full supporting documentation and the appropriate fee. Delays in registration occur very often due to incomplete applications being submitted.

All applicants must provide details of their qualifications and verify that they have not been subject to disciplinary proceedings in any country where they previously practised - the criteria necessary for each Division is different. Please read the guidelines very carefully.

Check what division you are eligible to register in

The four main categories of applicant are:

  • Category 1: Graduates of Irish medical schools
  • Category 2: EU citizens who graduated in an EU medical school and/or their qualifications are recognised under EU Directives
  • Category 3: Non-EU citizens who graduated in an EU medical school and/or their qualifications would be recognised under EU Directives if they were EU citizens.
  • Category 4: Doctors who do not come under any of the above categories.

The Pre-Registration Examination System ("PRES") (Levels 2 and 3 of the Application process) must be passed by Category 4 applicants for trainee specialist or general registration, unless they are exempt. Examinations must also be passed as part of registration for the Supervised Division. Important notice regarding applications for registration through the pre-registration examination system (PRES)

Important notice for Category 4 applicants

From 1st September 2015 non-EU/EEA qualified applicants for registration will be required to have their medical education credentials primary source verified in advance of making their application for registration. Please click here for information.

Additional Information