General Registration

Doctors who do not practise in individually numbered, identifiable training posts, who have not been proposed for a post in the Supervised Division, and who have not completed recognised specialist medical training must register under General Registration. This is the only form of registration available to them.

Doctors with general registration may practise independently without supervision but may not falsely represent themselves as holding specialist or trainee specialist registration.

Application Process

There are four application levels possible for general registration.

The levels a doctor is required to complete depends on whether or not they are exempt from that level:

  • Level 1 - submission of an application form, fee and required documentation for assessment and verification by the Medical Council. This level applies to all applicants. All applicants must provide details of their qualifications and verify that they have not been subject to disciplinary proceedings in any country where they previously practised.
  • Level 2 - (PRES), a Multiple Choice Questions examination of the candidates factual knowledge in the main clinical disciplines. This level only applies to certain applicants who are not exempt from the PRES.
  • Level 3 - (PRES), an Objective Structured Clinical Examination of the applicant's clinical skills. This level only applies to certain applicants who are not exempt from the PRES..
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  • Level 4 - an in-depth evaluation of the candidate's internship training. This level applies to applicants who wish to be exempt from the PRES on the grounds that they have a certificate of experience or equivalent or higher.

Application Procedure

Doctors applying for general registration for the first time should complete the generic application form.  

Medical practitioners who have received their eligibility letter and wish to open their first registration in the general division should complete this form.

Important notice regarding applications for registration through the pre-registration examination system (PRES)

Important notice for Category 4 applicants

From 1st September 2015 non-EU/EEA qualified applicants for registration will be required to have their medical education credentials primary source verified in advance of making their application for registration. Please click here for information.

Professional Competence Requirements

All doctors in the General Division of the register must maintain professional competence by enrolling in a professional competence scheme and maintain professional competence activities that are relevant to their practice.

Additional Information