Internship Registration

Internship Registration allows a doctor to carry out internship training in a hospital recognised by the Medical Council. Internship registration is open to both graduates of Irish and EU member State Medical Schools.

Are you completing your internship this July?

Have you applied for Trainee Specialist registration but are registered in the General Division?

Travelling abroad? You may need a Certificate of Experience

The Certificate of Experience is a document which confirms that a doctor has successfully completed their internship to the standards set by the Medical Council.

You can find more information on internships and Certificates of Experience here.

Application Procedure for Graduates of a Medical School in an EU Member State, Excluding Ireland

Graduates of medical schools in the EU/EEA/Switzerland who intend practising in recognised intern training posts in Ireland can apply for internship registration.

Applicants for internship registration should make enquiries about job opportunities for interns in Ireland before applying for internship registration. The Medical Council does not supply this information. Please contact the HSE.

Applicants should also check that the Dean/Head of the medical school where they were awarded their basic medical qualification will recognise their internship training in Ireland.

You can find more information on the training and experience required by the Medical Council to register as a doctor in Ireland here.