Consultation on Draft Amendments to Supervised Division Rules

In 2011, the legislation underpinning the procedures and criteria for assessment of registration applications was amended by the Medical Practitioners (Amendment) Act 2011.  This led to the establishment of a new Division to the Register of Medical Practitioners known as the Supervised Division.  Doctors registered in the Supervised Division entered the practice of medicine in specific posts within the Health Service Executive which were designed with special supervisory arrangements. 

Draft amendments to Supervised Division rules are published below and the Council is inviting comments on these from interested individuals and groups.   You are now invited to submit your views on these draft amendments to the rules.

Since 2011, approximately 300 doctors have been registered by the Medical Council in the Supervised Division.  The Medical Council and the Health Service Executive have accumulated significant experience with operating and coordinating functions in relation to this new Division.

The Medical Council has reflected on this experience and identified opportunities to streamline and strengthen arrangements which it operates in relation to assessment of applications for entry to the Supervised Division.  It is proposing to amend its Rules specifying how it assesses applications for entry to the Supervised Division.  These amendments are intended to provide a more straightforward, accessible and efficient approach for applicants and for the Health Service Executive while ensuring that the Medical Council maintains standards for entry to the of Medical Practitioners which continue to safeguard patients by supporting and ensuring good professional practice amongst doctors. 

Three key changes are proposed:

  1. Exemptions will be provided from the examination for entry into the Supervised Division for applicants who can present documentary evidence to demonstrate clinical knowledge and skill relevant to the specific posts with special supervisory arrangements which they would enter following registration. 
  2. For applicants who cannot present documentary evidence to demonstrate clinical knowledge and skill relevant to the specific posts with special supervisory arrangements which they would enter following registration, the Medical Council will continue to require demonstration of this through examination.  However, it is proposed that the Pre-Registration Examination System (“PRES”), a more broad-based and general examination of clinical knowledge and skill, be utilised for this purpose.  This will replace the current ESD arrangements, which are narrower, specialty specific examinations.  These arrangements will provide for a more straightforward and efficient approach to operating examinations. 
  3. To complement the changes proposed with respect to assessment of an application for registration in the Supervised Division, the Medical Council is proposing that supervisory arrangements are strengthened to include a system of Supervision Reports which will use a form specified by the Medical Council. 

Following this consultation process and Council’s consideration of submissions received, the draft amendments to the rules will be reviewed and finalised.  Please note that all submissions are subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Acts 1997-2003. 

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Printed copies of the above documents are available by contacting the Council’s offices at 01-4983100.  Submissions on the draft rules must reach the Council by close of business on 17th April 2013.